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Our free database of high-level, evidence-based and peer-reviewed guidelines for the predictable application of treatment concepts.

Once every 5 years, the ITI organizes a Consensus Conference to review the dental literature on topical areas in implant dentistry. The resulting findings are collected in review papers and also summarized as Consensus Statements and Clinical Recommendations.

In this free database you can find the ITI Consensus Statements and Clinical Recommendations since 2003.


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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Does the Consensus Database contain all Consensus Statements ever made?

No, this database only contains a selection of Consensus Statements that are regarded as current and valid. Outdated and superseded Consensus Statements are not included.

Can I copy and/or re-use the information provided in the Consensus Database?

You can freely use the information contained in this Database if you correctly cite its source.

How is the evidence quality of publications assessed?

A quality assessment of each included publication is undertaken. For randomized controlled trials and controlled clinical trials, the Cochrane Collaboration’s tool for assessing risk of bias is utilized. Nonrandomized controlled studies are assessed for quality using the Newcastle-Ottawa Quality Assessment Scale for Observational Studies.

What are the selection criteria for scientific evidence?

All levels of evidence except for expert opinion are considered to provide a comprehensive search of the literature. Screening of the records is performed independently by the authors of each review paper. Any disagreement between the reviewers is resolved by discussion.

What are the search strategies employed to identify the relevant evidence?

A systematic and comprehensive search of the literature is conducted. Electronic databases are searched using key terms. Relevant journals are hand-searched to identify additional articles. Additionally, the bibliographies of selected papers and published review articles on the topic are also scanned for relevant publications.

What are Consensus Statements?

All Consensus Statements are concise summaries of the current evidence about various topics relevant to implant dentistry. The evidence is produced based on a comprehensive investigation of the literature available and expert group consensus.

What is an ITI Consensus Conference?

ITI Consensus Conferences take place every 5 years. Preceded by extensive literature research, focus groups of experienced ITI Fellows come together to discuss and agree on the current scientific evidence that forms the basis for the Consensus Statements.

What kind of information is available in in the Consensus Database?

The Consensus Database contains all currently relevant and valid Consensus Statements and Clinical Recommendations from past ITI Consensus Conferences.

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