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The ITI Curriculum

From theory to practice – implant dentistry courses

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Are you looking for an introduction to implant dentistry that allows you to study while continuing to work at the same time? The ITI Curriculum is designed for dental professionals who are new to implant dentistry and offers optimal flexibility through a blended learning approach along a three-level learning pathway.

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What is the ITI Curriculum?

The ITI Curriculum is a universally standardized program based on 40 years of evidence-based science and education. It is the ideal choice if you have recently graduated and are new to implant dentistry, or if you already work as a dentist and want to implement implant treatment in your practice.

The program currently offers two levels of implant dentistry training courses and the Advanced level is now in development:

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Boost your implant dentistry career with:

  • Access to comprehensive evidence-based education content
  • A structured, progressive multi-level learning approach
  • Flexible learning
  • CE hours
  • Globally acknowledged ITI Certificate

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The Foundation level provides a broad theoretical basis in implant dentistry. Two delivery options are available: Either online (with a hands-on component) or fully face-to-face within an on-site format.

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The Intermediate level then builds on this knowledge to introduce clinical implementation and first-hand experience of treating patients. This is only available as an on-site course.    

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The Advanced level (currently in development) is aimed at dentists who want to confirm their proficiency in implant dentistry. It takes participants through a program of independent study based on case submissions.

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Courses in implant dentistry

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A comprehensive learning experience

The ITI Curriculum is designed to provide you with optimal flexibility. It involves a blend of:

  • E-learning
  • Classroom courses
  • Hands-on training
  • Case-based collaborative learning
  • Direct patient treatment under supervision

Learn more below or visit our frequently asked questions.

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Online Foundation level

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On-site Foundation and Intermediate levels

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