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3rd party education courses

Hand-picked education courses from internationally renowned providers in the field.

World-class education courses covering a variety of important dentistry topics delivered by 3rd party course providers online and on site with a 20% discount for ITI Fellows and Members. Every course comes with CE hours and is led by an ITI Fellow.


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World-class education courses 20% off for ITI members

Extend the boundaries of your knowledge with confidence.

The ITI has teamed up with leading education providers who follow the ITI philosophy and standards to complement its existing education program with valuable courses around the world.

  • 20% discount for ITI Fellows and Members
  • International and local courses
  • Top speakers
  • Courses led by an ITI Fellow
  • CE hours available


Course Teaser - The Buser & Belser Master Course on Esthetic Implant Dentistry 2.0

五月 11 – 13 2022

The Buser & Belser Master Course on Esthetic Implant Dentistry 2.0

The Buser & Sculean Academy

Fugazzotto Institute Simplifying immediate - Teaser

五月 21 – 22 2022

Simplifying Immediate Full Arch Reconstruction Through a Team Approach

Fugazzotto Institute

Fugazzotto Institue immediate art - Teaser

八月 19 – 20 2022

Immediate Art of Implant Therapies in the Digital World

Fugazzotto Institute

VSS Cadaver course - Teaser

十一月 24 – 26 2022

Cadaver course for complex surgical implant procedures


Carames Full Arch - Teaser

十一月 25 – 26 2022

Carames Full Arch Clinical Experiences

Carames Education

Course Teaser - Mastering Peri-implantitis Surgery

Coming soon

Mastering peri-implantitis surgery

MasterClassInDentistry aesthetic zone - Teaser

Coming soon

Mastering implants in the aesthetic zone

MasterClassInDentistry complications - Teaser

Coming soon

Mastering implant complications


External course providers FAQ - Accordions

Legal disclaimer 3rd party course providers

In collaboration with third-party course providers who follow the ITI philosophy and standards, the ITI and ITI Education Committee Collaboration have selected courses that are, to the best of their knowledge, appropriate to the needs of its membership. The ITI and ITI Education Committee do no acccept liability or responsibility for the content and information communicated in courses provided by third parties.

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