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Research is at the heart of progress in implant dentistry. With more than USD 59 million dedicated since 1988, the ITI is one of the largest non-governmental providers of research funding in implant dentistry worldwide.

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Twice a year, the ITI Foundation supports preclinical and clinical research in implant dentistry and related fields. The ITI's goal in funding research projects is to have their results published in an international peer-reviewed scientific journal. This makes them accessible to dentists across the globe and helps to fulfill the ITI’s mission.

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Research grants - About

About ITI Research grants

The ITI provides funding for research projects in the field of implant dentistry and related areas that the ITI Research Committee has judged deserving of support. Part of the ITI’s annual research budget is allocated to applications whose projects deal with specific areas of interest defined by the ITI Research Committee. 

The deadlines for ITI Research Grant applications are February 28 and August 31.


Research grants - Accordions

How to apply

To apply for an ITI Research grant you must create a free ITI Research user account. Click on the "Start/continue application" button and create your account under "First Login".

The application process is fully online, therefore we do not accept any other or additional documents. 

What browsers are compatible?

The following browsers are compatible with the ITI Research portal

We recommend to use Google Chrome. 

How you will hear from us

  • After submitting your application, you will receive an automatically generated email confirming receipt of your application.
  • Within 2-3 weeks you will be informed if your application has been accepted for evaluation by the ITI Research Committee based on its compliance with the ITI Terms & Conditions and ITI Research Grant Application Guidelines 
  • The decisions of the ITI Research Committee are communicated to the applicant in May/June for the February deadline and Nov/December for the August deadline 

The First Applicant is the primary contact for all correspondence. 

Grant restrictions

  • Grants are only awarded to applicants who are affiliated with an academic institution. Independent applicants are requested to get in touch with ITI Headquarters before submitting their application. 
  • Once a grant has been awarded, the First Applicant is barred from making any further grant application for a period of three years.
  • First applicants are restricted to one application per application deadline.
  • Once a grant has been awarded, no additional funding will be awarded to the grant recipient for the same study at a later point in time. 
  • Research proposals that comprise two or more consecutive, interdependent work packages (e.g., a laboratory study followed by an animal study) cannot be funded if the second experiment (i.e., the animal study) can only be designed based on the results of the first experiment (i.e., the laboratory study).

Application review process

The following criteria apply when reviewing the applications:

  1. Relevance to current clinical issues in implant dentistry
  2. Originality of the hypothesis
  3. Suitability of methodology proposed
  4. Experience of the applying researchers/academic affiliation and research conditions/environment
  5. Transparent and realistically formulated budget

Preclinical in-vivo studies

The ITI aims for a responsible and restricted use of animal models and expects a clear argumentation from the researcher. While the ITI recognizes that preclinical in-vivo studies are a critical component of the research&development process, especially in the medical device realm, we ensure that we support animal models within these studies when necessary, for the logical continuation of a scientific project.

Possible outcomes of your application

  1. Acceptance of the project as submitted
  2. Minor revision according to given criteria (no need for re-application)
  3. Rejection of the project (general feedback is provided)


Research grants - Priority research areas

Priority research areas 2021-2023

A portion of the annual ITI research funds is allocated to applications in specific areas of interest defined by the ITI Research Committee. Applications are also welcome for research into implant-dentistry-related areas that do not fall within the four priority research topics.

  • Best practice treatment protocols and workflows
  • Innovative regenerative strategies/Personalized medicine
  • Peri-implant health and disease
  • Big data and PROMs in implant dentistry

Research Grants - ITI-funded research - Title

ITI-funded research

Papers that resulted from ITI research funding.

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