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A program for young clinicians to gain international experience in implant dentistry.

The ITI awards up to 35 Scholarships each year. The program allows  Scholars to acquire insight into case planning, implant surgery and prosthetic restorations and, in most ITI Scholarship Centers, also into research and teaching.

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About the program

About the program

Since 1998, the ITI has supported over 400 young clinicians from more than 50 different countries with a Scholarship.

The goals of the ITI Scholarship program are to help clinicians further their training in implant dentistry and related treatment. The program fosters international exchange along with professional networking as an enriching educational experience and helps to develop future leaders in implant education and the ITI.

ITI Scholars spend one year (September 1 to August 31) at one of the ITI Scholarship Centers around the world. These are university departments or clinics under the supervision of highly experienced, longstanding ITI Fellows. The Scholarship Centers have been chosen for their ability to provide insight into every aspect of implant treatment in line with the ITI philosophy, which encompasses scientific credibility and a sense of responsibility towards the patient.

Each Scholarship Center organizes its Scholarship program independently. Candidates can determine where their needs will best be served by reading the description of each of the Scholarship Centers below.


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Find out more about the program requirements

Find out more about our Scholarship Centers

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Free ITI membership

Free ITI membership

The ITI anticipates that ITI Scholars will remain involved in the organization after their Scholarship year as active ITI Members. To enable an ITI Scholar to become more familiar with the ITI and its activities, both during and after the Scholarship year, each selected Scholar will be awarded free ITI membership for an additional year once the current membership year expires.


Financial Support Stipend

There are minimal costs associated with the ITI Scholarship program, except for accommodation and living expenses which the ITI Scholar has to cover.
The ITI supports each ITI Scholar with a stipend equivalent to 20,000 Swiss Francs which is designed to provide support towards these living expenses, the ITI has also supplemented the stipend amount over the past 2 years amount to help counter inflation rates.

The stipend is paid in a predefined currency as shown below and is calculated in line with local pasing-power parity. 

We advise applicants to consider their preferred centers carefully, certain destinations can be expensive to live in. It is essential to take into account that the stipend amount provided may not fully cover the overall cost of living in these locations. We encourage thorough consideration to ensure a comfortable and sustainable experience during the program. For certain cases the ITI offers additional financial aid, please see details below. 



Scholarship Program - Stipend - Table

Scholarship stipend per country

Country of ITI Scholarship Center ITI Scholarship Stipend*
Australia 24,000 USD
Austria 17,000 EUR
Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Taipei 15,000 USD
Brazil 12,500 USD
Canada 31,000 CAD
Germany 17,000 EUR
Italy 15,000 EUR
Japan 2,300,000 JPY
Mexico 12,500 USD
Netherlands 17,000 EUR
Serbia 14,000 EUR
Spain 15,000 EUR
Sweden 19,000 EUR
Switzerland 25,500 CHF
UK 17,000 GBP
USA 24,000 USD

* The figures listed are valid for ITI Scholars who start their ITI Scholarship in 2024

Scholarship program - Additional financial aid

Additional financial aid

ITI is committed to providing support where possible. Each year, we offer additional financial aid to a maximum of 5 ITI Scholars who find themselves in hardship and do not have sufficient means to cover their living expenses. To be considered for this support, applicants applying for additional financial aid are kindly requested to provide detailed information about their financial situation, including their own and their parents' circumstances.

Please remember to include either the latest tax return statement or a statement from an employer or banking institution to verify income received in the previous year. We encourage applicants to submit their request for additional financial aid during the official application process for the ITI Scholarship program. It's important to note that late applications for additional financial aid cannot be accepted.

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Scholarship program - Scholar insights - Intro

Scholar insights

Since 1998, the ITI has supported over 400 Scholars from more than 50 different countries.

Scholarship program - Scholar insights

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Can I find out why I was not accepted for an ITI Scholarship?

As the number of applications received is usually very high and a large number of applications are of a very high standard, competition for the limited number of places is fierce. As a matter of policy the ITI Leadership Development Committee does not go into the reasons for its decision.

What costs should the stipend cover?

The stipend is intended to contribute towards the living costs of the ITI Scholar during the Scholarship year.

Which bank account will the stipend be transferred to?

We recommend you open a bank account in the country in which you will be spending the Scholarship year in order to avoid any financial loss that may occur due to fluctuating currency exchange rates and fees. Opening a bank account is normally subject to local regulations that require documentation, such as residence permit or social security number.

Do I have to pay taxes on the ITI Scholarship stipend?

As this may vary depending on the Scholar’s host country, it is the responsibility of the ITI Scholar to check with the authorities in the country in which the funds are deposited and find out if any taxes or other charges are due.

Who covers travel costs to and from the ITI Scholarship Center country?

The ITI Scholar is responsible for organizing and paying their travel costs. The ITI Scholarship stipend is transferred only once the ITI Scholar has officially started the ITI Scholarship year.

Can my partner accompany me on my Scholarship year?

This decision is up to the Scholar, but the stipend is intended to contribute towards the living costs of the Scholar only. The ITI makes no additional contributions beyond the stipend itself. The ITI Scholar is also responsible for organizing any additional requirements such as visa, health insurance, and work/practice permits.

Do I need health insurance during the Scholarship year?

The ITI does not organize or provide advice on health insurance. Each ITI Scholar is responsible for organizing his or her own health insurance for the ITI Scholarship year. If no reciprocal arrangement is available between the home country and ITI Scholarship Center country, the ITI Scholar should take out additional health cover.

When and how will I find out whether I have been awarded an ITI Scholarship?

All submitted applications go to the ITI Leadership Development Committee for evaluation. This process has several stages and takes a number of months. Applicants will be informed via email whether they have been awarded an ITI Scholarship or not at the very latest by the end of March of the year following the application.

What is the selection process for ITI Scholarships?

Once the application portal has closed, all submitted applications are forwarded to the ITI Leadership Development Committee for evaluation. The Committee Members evaluate the applications and then meet to discuss them and select the ITI Scholars for the coming year.

As the number of applications received is usually very high, the evaluation process takes a number of months. The Committee's decision is sent out via email to all applicants around 8 months after the application portal closes, around the end of February of the year following the application at the latest. As a matter of policy, the ITI Leadership Development Committee does not go into the reasons for its decisions.

Do all ITI Scholars receive the same amount of money?

Each stipend is equivalent to 20,000 USD and is paid in a predefined currency. The amount received is calculated in line with purchasing-power parity and thus has the same buying power in the Scholarship Center country as 20,000 USD in the United States. This approach eliminates the inequities associated with fluctuating currency rates and takes into consideration the cost of living in each country.

What kind of financial support does an ITI Scholar receive?

The ITI awards each ITI Scholar a stipend equivalent to 20,000 USD for the entire year paid in two installments: at the beginning of the Scholarship year – as soon as the ITI Scholarship Center Chair has confirmed the ITI Scholar's start – and after 6 months, once the Scholar's intermediate report has been sent to ITI Headquarters and approved by the ITI Leadership Development Committee Chair. The stipend is paid in a predefined currency and is calculated in line with purchasing-power parity. This means that the stipend has the same buying power in the Scholarship Center country as 20,000 USD in the United States.

I am only interested in one Scholarship Center, do I still have to select three preferred Centers?

Yes. Since allocation to your first choice ITI Scholarship Center cannot be guaranteed, only applications that specify three different preferred ITI Scholarship Centers will be evaluated by the ITI Leadership Development Committee.

In which currencies are stipends paid?

Payments are made in six currencies:

  • Austria, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Serbia, Spain, Sweden: Euros (EUR)
  • Brazil, Mexico, USA: US Dollars (USD)
  • Canada: Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • China (¥)
  • Japan: Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • Switzerland: Swiss Francs (CHF)
  • UK: Pounds Sterling (GBP)

What is required of the ITI Scholars after the Scholarship year?

The ITI anticipates that ITI Scholars will remain involved in the ITI community after their Scholarship year ended, with many different paths available within our Organisation. 

Will I definitely be allocated to one of the three ITI Scholarship Centers that I enter in my Scholarship application?

The ITI Leadership Development Committee tries to allocate the applicant to one of the three preferred ITI Scholarship Centers listed by the applicant, but it is not always possible. The applicant may be allocated to another ITI Scholarship Center if someone else has already been allocated to the Center of choice. With several hundred applicants and only limited places, the competition for each ITI Scholarship Center place is high. 

When does the ITI Scholarship year start?

The ITI Scholarship year starts on September 1 of the year following application and ends on August 31 of the subsequent year. There are a couple of exceptions to this schedule and these are highlighted in the seperate Scholarship Center descriptions. 

We strongly advise taking some time to read through the different descriptions in order to find out which center best suits your professional aspirations. 

Is a language certificate necessary for non-native speakers when applying for a specific ITI Scholarship Center?

No language certificate is required at the time of application. However, most ITI Scholarship Centers request a certificate (TOEFL or IELTS) before the start of the Scholarship year for non native English speakers. Additionally, knowledge of the local language is advantageous, and requested by certain Centers for patient interactions. Details of requirements can be found in the description of each of the ITI Scholarship Centers. 

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