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Copyright/Data Protection & Code of Conduct

Copyright/Data Protection & Code of Conduct

The ITI is a non-profit academic organization of clinicians and researchers active in the field of implant dentistry. The objectives of the ITI are the promotion and dissemination of knowledge about implant dentistry and related fields that is free of commercial influence. Please bear these objectives in mind when preparing your presentations.

It is imperative that data protection laws regarding intellectual property, copyright, and the personal information of patients are strictly observed. The ITI does not assume any liability for copyright and data protection violations on your behalf.

The following points should be noted:

  • The speaker owns the copyright and/or usage rights to all the materials (photographs included) in the lecture including anything downloaded from the internet. 
  • The speaker has obtained explicit consent to feature any content in the lecture that is not his/her intellectual property. 
  • The speaker always indicates the source of material or data that is not his/her intellectual property.
  • The speaker has obtained explicit and documented usage permission for all personal patient data included in his/her lecture. 'Patient data' refers to all information that allows an individual to be identified. This includes facial features in images. 
  • If no explicit consent to use patient data has been acquired, the speaker shall anonymize sensitive data to protect patients’ rights and avoid any legal liability.
  • Published scientific data forms the basis of the lecture.
  • If a speaker presents unpublished data, he/she clearly states that unpublished data is used.
  • The speaker will inform the audience if personal experience and opinions are being expressed.
  • The speaker will not promote commercially available products or materials beyond the scientific context. Trade names can be mentioned in the materials and methods section of the lecture.
  • The presentation upholds the universal principles of medical ethics.
  • The speaker openly declares any potential conflicts of interest. For example, if he/she is paid or sponsored by a commercial entity, or associated with a commercial entity in any way, the speaker must declare this relationship in the abstract as well as at the start of the lecture.
  • The speaker does not use the lecture for self-promotion or to promote products or materials in which he/she has pecuniary interest.
  • The speaker shall include QR codes within the slide presentation wherever relevant (referring to ITI publications, e.g. ITI Consensus Statements, Treatment Guide, SAC etc.).

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