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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What are University Campuses?

University Campuses are closed/private Learning Management Systems (LMS) that are independently administered by the affiliate university.

The learning environment and ITI Academy content is provided at no cost to universities and their students participating in full time undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

What are the main features of University Campuses?

Campuses can contain any number of Classrooms. These are set up to reflect individual course structures represented by a sequence of activities and are aimed at individual learner groups.

  • Classroom administrators manage activities, classroom resources (ITI Academy content, custom content, shared Case Cloud cases, weblinks), and the student cohorts. 
  • There's a discussion forum in every Classroom. 
  • Faculty and administration can track Classroom statistics.

How can my university apply for an ITI University Campus?

Applying universities fill out an evaluation form that is then going through the Chair of the ITI Education Committee and the local ITI Leadership Team. Upon approval, the university signs a Licence and Usage Agreement and designates at least one local Campus Administrator that will be onboarded by ITI HQ.

For more information, contact us.

University Campuses Guidelines

University Campuses, classrooms and participants Guidelines

Click on the links below to access the administration guidelines for Campuses and Classrooms, as well as a quick guide for classroom participants:

ITI Contact - Katalina Cano - [email protected]

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